Creating my new preset, Adventure, was a long labor of love. Being a warm and moody photographer, I struggled with having skin tones look somewhat natural Every preset I used looked great everywhere but on the skin. One of the biggest struggles was editing on my own skin tone. Being extremely fair with a strong pink undertone, my skin would look AWFUL with any other preset. If I wasn't going to be able to edit my own skin tone, how was I going to make my editing style for my clients? On top of having issues with skin tones, I was wasting so much time trying to make the skin tones look good that I was getting beyond frustrated. That's when I sought out to create my own preset. 

Adventure was created to work on a variety of skin tones and situations to help provide perfect skin tones and consistency. The Adventure preset pack is filled with the 4 color presets, a warm-toned black and white preset, and a grain add-on that I use for every shoot and wedding! These presets can be warmed up or cooled down for a classic, vintage vibe. 

The Adventure Pack

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